3 Reasons Why I Like Vitamin C

Linked below, is an interesting study on vitamin C. It's only one study, but there are already reasons to like, and take, this micronutrient. Here are three: it's an antioxidant, it's needed for stress/helps control cortisol release, and it's good for the immune system. You can pick up C from this trusted source (my personal favorite, thus Thumos' affiliation): https://www.lifeextension.com

Click here to see the article from Life Extension.  My personal dose of vitamin C is 1,000 mg AM and 1,000 mg PM.  Could I take more?  Of course.  I have not been sick in a long, long time, but if I were to feel something coming on, I'd take 1,000 mg hourly.  Too much, and I'd be spending time on the toilet.  

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