We are like-minded men, in the private group, who are passionate and willing to do the work to improve our lives and help others.  We are self aware (or at least working on it), hard working and committed to getting better, by optimizing body and mind.  Simply put, we are men who are bringing out the best in each other!

We have moved beyond, or are willing to move beyond, victim thinking.  We are men who don’t believe in handouts, but are looking for more success, generosity, abundance and love in our lives.  We are individuals looking to be part of a trusted community of men who are not perfect, but are very real.  We are men who know that there is power in numbers! 


You will get to:

  • Be part of a connected-circle of like-minded men who support you, have your back, and help you grow, assuring that you show up better as a husband, dad, brother, and friend
  • Meet weekly with subject matter experts, and the seasoned, in the aspects of optimizing men - body, mind, and spirit
  • Be part of a connected community of men who care about you
  • Stay connected, throughout the week, for sustained performance
  • Have one-on-one access to all the men in the inner circle (a master-mind group)
  • Have one-on-one access to the Thumos Founder and his elite team
  • Follow a proven path to find and fulfill your purpose, mission and vision for your life
  • Get advice, answers and solutions to your health, hormones, diet, nutrition, workout and recovery questions
  • Get special pricing on the Thumos Weekend Experience
  • Have access, and special pricing on the Thumos 202 (intermediate), and 303 (advanced) Weekend Experience(s)
  • Be part of the recommended reading and growth book club
  • Receive special discount pricing on Thumos Apparel and Gear
  • Have access to the exclusive list of recommendations and resources that have evolved through a collective century of experience from it's members
  • Obtain more passion, vibrance, and confidence in your life.  You will be 'winning'.  
  • Plus more....                                  


This circle of men meets weekly, via Zoom.  The objective is simple – to optimize.  The results?  Well, let's just say that they are powerful!


  • Computer or phone with access to Zoom, and a private place to focus during each meeting.
  • Cost - $50 per month, drafted monthly, or discounted at $550 per year if paying annually 
  • Duration – Two hours, typically 7-9 PM, CST
  • Meeting Days – Currently on Thursdays.  Other meetings to be determined, based on availability

What to Expect:

  • 4 meetings per month. Each meeting is led, by the Founder or delegate, with a topic or theme for the night. 
  • Content is shared, that is relevant to the topic, and a conversation (with depth) happens. Each man shares so long that he is comfortable.
  • You will be encouraged, but not required, to attend a Weekend Experience.


Have more questions?

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