Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining the Thumos community?

You will: Gain much deeper insight as to who you really are. Find passion and purpose in life, with a roadmap to get you there. Unlock your own potential and optimize life. Learn and grow. Help others. Have true brothers and life long friends. Wake up for faith, family, community, and for yourself.

What does Thumos mean?

Thumos is a Greek word without a direct English translation, but we define it as a beautiful mixture of passion, strength, testosterone, and courage. Thumos can be good (light) or bad (dark). We chose to focus on, and feed, the good.

What is Thumos USA?

It’s a community, and a company, that is helping dads (men) optimize their lives around mind (mission, vision, planning) and body (nutrition, hormones, performance, recovery). We are changing the lives of men. We are waking up and living life – better!

Is there a minimum (or maximum) age for men in the Thumos community?

There is minimum age requirement of 21, but there is no maximum age.

How can Thumos USA help me?

You will get connected, get advice, and get answers. You will be surrounded by dads who are very real, who have your back and who have experience and wisdom. Our community is one part mastermind group, one part brotherhood, and one part place for God’s work. Check out these testimonials from men that have experienced the benefits.

How do I get started?

There are a few ways to join our community: The Weekend Experience, The Inner Circle Private Group and Private Consulting and Mentoring. The quickest way to get started is usually to attend an Inner Circle meeting. Click here, fill out the contact form, and someone will reply to you with the Zoom call information. Of course, the Thumos apparel and Gear are also pretty sweet and available via the website.

Can I try out the Inner Circle before committing?

Absolutely! We are confident that once you experience the power of a Thumos Inner Circle meeting you will quickly see the benefits.

What do I have to commit to after joining the Inner Circle?

Calls are weekly. Currently held on Tuesdays, 11:30 AM - 12:30 CST, and Thursdays 7-9 PM. To maximize the benefit of the group, we encourage you to set aside this time and make every effort to attend all of the meetings, from a private location.

Do I need to do anything if I am unable to attend an Inner Circle meeting?

We encourage Inner Circle Members to go to the private page to see the content that was shared per the meeting they missed, and to reach out to another member who did attend, as to not miss valuable leanings and insights.

Can any man join the Inner Circle?

All members go through a simple application process to ensure that they are a fit for the community.

What is Thumos’ stance on Christ?

We say 'yes' to Christ. The Founder follows Christ. However, Thumos does not intend to be religious and does not intend to replace the church. Thumos uses the word God on its website, by design.

Is Thumos affiliated with a church?

Thumos USA is happy to partner with a church.  We are God-centered but are not directly affiliated with any church or religious system. We are friends of the church and compliment it.  Many of our members, including the Founder, are Christ followers.  We are not here to replace the church.  The 'unchurched' are very welcome to join us.  We thrive at 'waking dads up' for church and to faith.  We also wake dads up in other areas of life.  We do our Dad's Weekend Experience at faith based Christian conference centers - with joy.  In addition to being a community, we are a for profit business! 

What is this term integrated dad that you refer to?

It's a dad that understands, and takes action, to integrate mind, body and spirit. It is Thumos' experience and belief that that a man needs to be fully integrated to optimize and unlock his potential. Mind (thought patterns, mission, vision, actions, etc.) and body (health, hormones, resistance, recovery, etc.) when both are performing well, room is made for the Spirit/Soul/God.

Can the concept of Thumos be brought into a business setting?

Yes. Consulting, with the Founder, is available in both virtual and on-site platforms. Jody Licatino has achieved real-world results in business for over 25 years, and is available to help companies identify and achieve their goals as they pertain to the human element, unlocking potential in their people, connecting, motivating, and leading.

Is 1-On-1 Consulting & Mentoring available?

Yes, and it's often the most efficient and direct route for one to identify and achieve the desired goal. This may be around the mind (mission, vision, purpose, path forward, etc.) and body (health, hormones, nutrition, resistance, recovery, etc.). The Founder is also offering this service at this time. Click here for more information.