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Thumos USA, LLC is a small, family owned business, focused on Optimizing Health for Men and Women.  We also have a segment of the business that is successfully coaching & mentoring men to Optimizing Life (mindset, passion, purpose, etc.)!  

We accomplish our mission of optimizing health & life via private consulting & group educating (mostly virtual based, focusing on hormones, nutrition, supplementation, workouts, rest & recovery).  We offer this to men and women and help them navigate through their health journey, and help provide a clear roadmap to meeting their goals.  Most people simply want to look, feel, and perform better.  We absolutely help them accomplish this.  We also have trusted affiliate medical professionals that we work with, as well as an excellent brand of supplements that we can recommend.  All of what we do is backed by results (using quantitative data such as blood work, an Oura ring, etc.) and real world testimonies!

What About The Word Thumos? 

It's a Greek word, for which there is no exact English translation; however, it’s often expressing the concept of ‘spiritedness’ and indicates a physical association with breath or blood.  It's raw.  It's real.  True thumos is achieved via optimizing the body (health, hormones, fitness, nutrition and recovery) and mind (thought patterns, mindset, clarity around gifts from God, and purposeful actions), to make room for the soul/spirit.  Get this right and you have a truly integrated and optimized man or woman!  But, it’s not a ‘one and done’; rather it’s an ongoing journey to remain healthy, purposeful, and centered.  

What We Do, Beyond Health & Wellness For Men

Thumos Weekend Mens Trip

We offer a few core service, which are:  The weekly Inner Circle Zoom call  (meeting every Thursday from 7-9 PM, CST), The Weekend Experience (connecting in nature); and, Optimizing marriage and attraction (to enhance connection and intimacy with our partners).  All are part of an integrated and optimized life.   Some men do all, and some men only do one or two.  We are about unlocking potential in oneself, helping others, and finding fulfillment!

 For the optimizing men - You can find connection with like-minded men on the journey of life. We are in the business of building men up, and we get results, as seen in our member testimonials. Our mission is Optimizing Men, Changing Lives!  We very much find that when men are optimizing, their women are much, much happier.  

Private Coaching with the Thumos Founder, is also available.  Contact us here for more information.  

Thumos USA was founded in America (with pride), but it’s not limited to the U.S.