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Thumos is a Greek word, for which there is no exact English translation; however, it’s often expressing the concept of ‘spiritedness’ and indicates a physical association with breath or blood.  We define Thumos as a beautiful mixture of passion, strength, testosterone and courage.  It is masculinity at its core.  It's raw.  It's real.  True thumos is achieved via optimizing the body (health, hormones, fitness, nutrition and recovery) and mind (thought patterns, mindset, clarity around gifts from God, and purposeful actions), to make room for the soul/spirit.  Get this right and you have a truly integrated and optimized man!  But, it’s not a ‘one and done’; rather it’s an ongoing journey to remain healthy, purposeful, and centered.  


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It’s a community and company committed to optimizing men.  We achieve results by improving both the body and mind. When we do this right, we are able to make room for the spirit (that's how we "hear from God.")

Our like-minded community is dedicated to optimizing life for it's members, by focusing on the body (nutrition, hormones, performance, recovery) and mind (mission, vision, planning, etc.).  It’s designed to help men live full lives and to live life awake, with purpose, production and meaning.  It’s about helping men become better men.  Better husbands, dads, friends, and brothers.  Better men of faith.  It helps men wake up - for themselves, for their families, and to God.  It was created to help men build more, do more, look better, feel better and be better.  It’s about unlocking potential in oneself and helping others.  The community consists of The Men's Weekend Experience, which is offered multiple times per year, and the Inner Circle private group, which consists of weekly Zoom meetings to connect, learn, share and improve.  Private Coaching, with the Thumos Founder, is also available

Thumos USA was founded in America (with pride), but it’s not limited to the U.S.