Welcome!  I love working directly with people.  In short, I can now say that I have a very good, fully integrated life - mind, body and spirit, but I can assure you that it has not always been this way.  I've grinded, struggled and failed - often.  But, ultimately I improved through focus, mentors, doing the internal and external 'work', and receiving blessings.  My aim now is to help as many people as possible, as fast as practical, to unlock their full potential & optimize life!  If I can help just one person on the the journey of life, it will have all been worth it!" - Jody Licatino, Coach, Consultant & Founder of Thumos USA
"Jody’s influence through intentional, focused coaching in both my professional and personal life has produced a paradigm shift....  Ever since Jody began coaching me less than a year ago, my professional career and outlook improved dramatically... - Charles Ford, VP Operations.  Click here to see more results from real people

Private Coaching for Individuals and  Small Groups.  Specializing In Optimizing Life & Leadership.  Work directly with Jody to fast track your journey and bring out the best in you!

    • Free, initial, 15 minute introductory session (phone or Zoom) to assess how we may work together for situational coaching, transformational coaching, or consulting
    • Package rates are available 
    • Special rates for small group coaching
    • Jody is also available as a guest speaker, group and/or weekend facilitator, and select special request events 

Contact Jody here for additional information or to get more information. Coaching/Consulting is In Person, Phone or Zoom Based.

    Programs and Speciality Areas of Focus Include:

    • Leadership & Optimization Coaching for High Potential Individuals & Teams - Business

      • Gain clarity on mission, vision, goals and path forward very relevant to growing your business and career
      • Gain huge insights for leaders and staff to show up better and perform at full potential
      • Get measurable results on leading and lagging indicators
      • Go beyond 'goals' and define what 'winning' looks like
      • Lead & follow, and do it well
      • Find & fulfill your unique, personal purpose, mission and vision and connect it to your vocation
      • Discover your passion and talents, and find how that fits your current role in job or business
      • Improve your mindset and actions to get what you want
      • Unlock your potential, by removing barriers and gaining clarity
      • Show up with 'Thumos' - spirited, passion, and strength
      • Focus on strengths and fix weaknesses that potentially hurt performance
      • Create a plan for sustainability & ongoing support
      • Pricing will be mutually agreed based on time commitments and deliverables, click here to get started.

    "I have known Jody for many years, in the capacities of a coach and mentor. Interactions with him have changed my life (and also indirectly changed my family, the organizations I have led, and my friendships)... D.L., VP Business Development   

    Click here to get started.  Jody will typically respond within 24 hours! 

    • Life Optimizing Coaching For High Potential Individuals & Small Groups

      • Get clear on who you are, where you are, what you stand for and where you are going
      • Discover your God given talents and passions to share with the world
      • Gain clarity as per your purpose, mission and strengths, and how to utilize them for maximum results
      • Show up better in life around mind, body and spirit
      • Gain an understanding of what Jody calls the 8 F's to be fully integrated, thus maximizing human performance, and living a happy and productive life, full of strength, love and light
      • Improve your life via having greater clarity and showing up better in all aspects: Better marriage, better finances, better health, better you
      • Gain access to expertise & resources in order to close identified gaps and make the most out of strengths & talents
      • Develop a plan for sustainability and ongoing support
      • Get answers to specific problems (transactional coaching, e.g. marriage issues) or go through transformational coaching for major mindset shifts - the 'wow, I never realized that.'

      Click here to see what others have to say about their experience in working with Jody. 

      Coaching & Consulting FAQs

        1. What is coaching? - It's an approach, that uses inquiry, to identify the root of an issue and help you find answers.  Coaching helps the you see what is already inside, and helps you unlock full potential.  
        2. What is consulting? - It's a approach that provides the answer.  Where the coach helps a you find the answer within, the consultant provides potential solutions to your problems, or answers to questions.
        3. Can one get both coaching and consulting from Jody? - Yes.  Also, some are only interested in optimizing their health, so that can be the only focus or main focus.
        4. How Do I Pay?  Clients will be invoiced.  We take both Venmo and PayPal.
        5. How are calls done? - Phone or Zoom.  You are sent a Zoom link once you've scheduled your appointment.
        6. What Does Life Optimization Coaching Entail? - It can be around mind, body and/or spirit.  Jody uses an what he calls the 8 Fs, Family, Friends, Finances, etc.  When all 8 Fs are functioning well, the person is integrated.
        7. Does Jody Coach women too? - Yes
        8. Does Jody answer one-off questions? - Yes, the best way to reach him is via email -  
      Contact Jody here for additional information or to get more information.