I love this word.  It represents much for me: prosperity, plenty, wealth, etc.  But if I’m honest, my mind and heart have not fully accepted the word abundance yet.  I say this because I believe that if I were truly feeling abundant, all (or at least most of the time), I would not experience fear (from lack of) or even doubt (stemming from scarcity).  I sometimes also wonder what life would be like if I were even able to get beyond “thinking” abundance and I got to “knowing” that I had it and that I would only get more of it going forward. 


So, I know that I want more abundance in my life.  Or at least I think I do.  I often think about what life looks like, for me, with abundance in the areas that I care about the most - Our 8 F’s.  Here are my responses, at the time of writing this:

  • Faith – I’m Full of God, love and light
  • Family – We are full of love, health and fun
  • Fitness – I’m full of vibrancy and strength and I love working out
  • Friends – I have plenty of them and lots of love for them and from them
  • Finances – I have plenty of money and I’m generous with it to spread love, health, help, and fun
  • F’Game – Plenty of frequency and excitement and it’s enhancing love
  • Focus – Plenty of positive thoughts, fully living out my vision and mission in love
  • Fun – Plenty of smiles and good times as I’m loving what I’m doing


As I reflect on all of these, I can’t help to notice how the word love just naturally fit into all of them.  Love is huge for me and it’s even in my mission statement. 


So, if I ask myself the question – do I really, really want more abundance in my life (money is the best test for me here).  And the answer is yes, especially as I reflect back on the answers to the Fs above.  And the second question is, what’s holding me back?  Allow me to try to answer: 

  • The first, and surface, answer is - Outside circumstances, such as my daily tasks that need attention
  • My second, and a bit deeper, response is – I must be willing and able to humble myself and put the work in to acquire new skills for a new way of thinking and being
  • My third, and deeper response is – I’m not really sure that I have what it takes. What will others think?  What if it doesn’t work out?
  • My fourth and deepest response is – Am I worthy of this? Who am I to get this?    

The responses are real.  I don’t like them, but I must acknowledge them.  Awareness is the first step to recovery.  From there, I now know that I need to go to work on my mind and heart to better embrace abundance.  I’ll work on it day and night by putting the word into my mission statement, use it in my affirmations and prayers, watch YouTube videos to learn more about it, and I’ll think about it before going to bed in order to let my subconscious go to work on it.  How are you doing around abundance?


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