An Exercise I No Longer Recommend


I can no longer recommend overhead tricep extensions with super heavy weight.  For me, they never hurt or injured me.  But, I saw my friend Jason (a Thumos community brother), using a bit less than the 120 lbs that I was using in this video, tear the shit out of his tricep and had to have it surgically repaired.  Would this have ever happened to me?  Who knows.  But, when I reflect on what I was doing, which was an isolation exercise that stretched the tricep (with very heavy weight), I determined that the risk was not worth the reward.  So, I have not done this exercise in several years now.   Did I lose any tricep size?  Nope.  None at all.  I still go way heavy, but I chose to do so on pressing movements vs isolation movements that can potentially put the triceps in a bind.  And finally, you'll notice that I do not lock out the elbows with heavy weight.  This is a huge key to my longevity (50 years young in July and have virtually zero aches).

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