Boron - Perhaps Effective in Raising Free T

I often see men who have what I consider a decent amount of total T (e.g. 500 ng/dl) but a bit too much of it is bound up by a protein called SHBG.  There may be benefit in taking 10 mg of boron, daily, in order to try to raise those free T levels.  Of course the man could add an androgen/DHT based drug, such as Proviron or Oxandralone to really get the job done, but why not try something more mild and natural?  Plus, not all men want to push on DHT levels considering hair loss and prostate health.  That's were boron may be worth trying.  I've taken it myself and have recommended that others take it.  Although I don't like to see any one mineral taken in very high amounts for any length of time (beyond a short duration, if at all), as minerals can become imbalanced.  With that said, there are plenty of studies demonstrating the safety and even some showing efficacy of boron taken at 10 mg daily.  As always, one should consult with a health care provider and stay current on blood labs.  Here is an article from referencing men getting a boost in T and a reduction in E.  Personally, I believe that boron is worth a try, and I'm very eager to see blood test results to prove efficacy.

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