Comparison's Curse

One of our actual Daily Bread's from a Thumos member for you to enjoy...
This week a phrase has been echoing through my mind continuously.  That phrase is "comparison breeds contempt".  I've tried to keep that phrase in front of me when I start to compare myself to someone else, especially during a challenging time. It serves as a reminder that if I allow myself to compare my negative situation to someone else's positive situation, I am likely to fall into a victim mindset.  Furthermore, I am equally likely to resent the other person for their blessing.  Over time, this is like a slow burn on my psyche.  It wears me down and makes the path from conqueror to victim shorter and shorter.  So what have I been doing when the desire to compare rears its ugly head? I move into gratitude. I find something in my life to be grateful for.  I look at the other person and ask for blessings to come over them.  I look at my situation and find some aspect of it to be grateful for. Gratitude raises my energy and vibration and keeps me above the line.  Gratitude breaks comparison's curse.

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