Connection is Key

A couple of months ago we discussed the Components of Connection.  This was an exercise in looking at how we are connecting with ourselves, God, and the world around us. If connection wasn't on the radar before, we took some time to make it a priority.  However, I must admit that after that week, my focus on connection started to wane a bit. Fast forward to today and though I recognize the importance of connection, I don't place the value on it necessary to make it a priority.

Connecting is how we were designed to operate.  God didn't intend on us operating in silos, apart from him and others, limited by our natural abilities. Rather, we were designed to be integrated with the world around us. By that I mean, living symbiotically with the physical around us, and in oneness spiritually.  The latter is a tough concept for me to grasp at times, and where I am spending time and energy focusing right now.  But with the former I have found some concepts to apply to my daily life.  

For me, to live symbiotically with the world around me means that I must view the world without judgment. When I am in judgment I am placing my value, experience, knowledge, understanding, etc. over someone or something else. Right or wrong, that is from a place of ego and operating from the ego keeps me from experiencing true connection.  When I can look at a person from a place of love, without judgment, I can connect with them at a different level. I am saying that it doesn't matter who they are, what they believe, how they act, or what they say. They are a child of God just like me and are beautifully and wonderfully made. Another concept I am applying is the idea that I want those around me to win in life. I connect better when I am in a state of gratitude. Some of the most gratifying times in my life are when God allows me to be in a situation or relationship with someone to provide them with assistance in one way or another. This is not from a place of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours".  Instead, it is from a place of genuinely desiring to help someone with absolutely no strings attached.  That is an expression of agape love, which is the truest, most perfect form of love.

I encourage you to take some time to revisit connection. Busyness will likely be present on a regular basis. What is something you can do to help keep connection on your radar daily/weekly? What is one commitment you can make this week to help you take the first step to prioritizing connection with yourself, God, and/or the world around you?

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