Dads - Spend Time With Your Kids

Dads. Spend one on one time with your sons and daughters.
The phone can be set aside, just for a moment.
You’ve got this.
You likely have every opportunity to do it better than your dad did, and his dad did…
And hopefully our sons and daughters will do it better than we did.
One on one time tells the kiddos that they are special.
Being special, without being the center of the universe, is a good place to be.
Try speaking these words directly to him or her:
I love you. That’s good. Even better is:
I’m proud of you
You’ve got what it takes
God brought you to me
I know of nothing better to say to them. Many men never heard this growing up, and I see the wounds daily. Women too.
It’s much easier to shape kids early than to try to help change them as an adult.

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