Fear - And What To Do About It

Seems that no person is fully immune to it, sooner or later, fear creeps in.  Here is a sample of an inner circle member's writing around fear.........Whenever I start to feel fear creeping in, I stop and acknowledge that I am the one creating that fear. I then remind myself that fear is the false reality and the true reality is a place of peace and rest. Then, and this is the hard part, I try to step into that rest instead of letting my mind tell my body how to react (from fear). This concept is not an easy one for me to accept. My mind wants control and in those moments that I typically will be fearful, it wants to be in that fear. The fact that I'm choosing to call its bluff and take control of that emotion means I better be ready for push-back from my body. I can say from experience and with certainty, though, it is possible to go through a "scary" event without responding from a place of fear. The more I remind myself that fear is the false reality, the more likely I am to rest in truth.

Here are the Insights from the July 15, Zoom Call:

  • Fear Needs Action - The right action
  • Fear + Action = Courage
  • Fear - Action = Regret
  • Fear always seems to involve a loss of..  loss of love, life, money, etc.
  • Fear is often based in past events projected into the future
  • When we are allowing fear into the current moment, we are lacking of presence and oneness with God
  • Love and peace overcome fear
  • Fear is a liar
  • Worry is prayer for what you do not want
  • If you are at peace, you are living in the present
  • FEAR = Fun, Exciting, Abundance, new Reality BACK TO DAILY BREAD

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