Getting Started - Weight Lifting From Home Videos

Here are 3 quick videos to show what one can do from home.  This applies to beginners and advanced alike. I like the push, pull, legs, split because it works for most anyone and can be divided up into several different ways to accommodate schedules.  For example, one could only work out 3 days per week on this routine, thus hitting each body part for some 12-16 total sets (e.g. 4 sets of 3 exercises or 4 sets of 4 exercises per body part).  Or, one could work every muscle twice per week (push, pull, legs, repeat all three, then rest a day). For this split routine, one could work in around 8-9 total working sets for each muscle group, e.g. 3 sets of 3 exercise for each muscle (a bit less volume) because another 3 x 3 would be hit some 4 days later.

  • Click here to see the video of push day - chest, shoulders and triceps.  
  • Click here to see the video for pull day - back, rear delts, and biceps.  
  • Click here to see the video for leg day - quads, butt, hams, calves and abs

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