Case Study I Charlie's Results After 1 Yr. In Thumos

Healthy Living & Human Potential - Charlie's Results After 1 Year In Thumos! This video covers Charlie's results after being in the Thumos USA community for 1 year! He is unlocking #humonpotential. This is very #motivational. It's about #healthyliving and Charlie #unlockingpotential. 01:20: What is it that Thumos does - We help high potential men maximize impact and purpose 02:20 - Charlie's weekend experience - Eye opening and life changing. Charlie found his 'why' in life. 04:34 - Finding the right activity to get in shape, it should be what someone enjoys 07:24 - Charlie's body transformation journey. He was average or above average. Discussion of the mind and body connection and its importance. Charlie found, #rouxfitness 12:00 - Charlies body fat 12 months ago, 6 months later, and then today's number. Huge progress. Both body fat and visceral fat is down, and he now feels great. 23% body fat 10 10.5% body fat. 13:15 - Charlie talks about his bloodwork and the improvements that he was able to quantify. 16:15 - Thumos is unlocking potential in men. We have a like-minded community. Look how fast that Charlie is changing his life. 17:20 - Charlie's coffee intake one year ago;) and the problem with sustained high cortisol. 19:35 - The puzzle pieces put together that have really helped Charlie 20:55 - The Oura ring. #ouraring. 22:30 - Beyond body, what about the mindset regarding Charlie's progress. The men of Thumos actually spend more time on this than we do focusing on the body. 25:00 - The ultimate compliment that Charlie got (it came from his daughter). Both of his kids are noticing. 26:48 - In Thumos, we help a man understand why he is on this earth. His big why. His mission, vision and purpose. Vision being where the man is going, with brothers who are there to support him in getting there. 30:25 - Charlie in 2022 - where he's going. 32:00 - What Charlie would tell men about the Thumos coaching & mentoring community. You can do more. You are made for more. Thumos allows you to see you, gives you and the tools, but it takes work. It's already all within you. Thumos helps you see this. It's about tools, processes, and great men.

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