Introducing Thumos Strong | A Transformative Fitness & Health Program

Thumos Strong!

It'll be a virtual, self-paced body transformation program that will be: - Available to Thumos members and to men who are not yet Thumos members - Transformative and life changing - get in the best shape of your life and watch other F's take off (F'game, Finances, etc.) - Done with other brothers on the journey, offering support, encouragement, accountability, and coaching within the Thumos Mighty Network - The full package to optimize health, performance and strength - containing modules on hormones, nutrition, supplements, training, rest and recovery, my personal secret weapons, and more.... - Filled with direct group coaching & mentoring from me - Q&A, ongoing support, etc. - Developed by me, based on my 30 + years in the game and 15 years on TRT, and I promise to bring my learnings, passion, and real world results to those who want in!

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