It Starts With One

Written by a key Thumos brother.....   

Many times, when faced with a task or challenge, I can find it most difficult to simply get started in the process.  For example, when I was in high school and was tasked with writing a paper, I could have all of the content prepared, but the toughest part was writing the first sentence. Fast forward to today, and we are all facing a much bigger challenge.  That challenge is being a bright light in a very dark world. I can easily get overwhelmed when thinking about how I can make a positive impact in a world that chastises, rebukes, and even vilifies people for speaking true love, life, and truth. It's an elephant-of-a-challenge and to begin, I am finding it starts with one.

One hug, one "I love you", one smile, one mentee, one get the picture. When I see a colleague under stress and at their breaking point, I don't have to fix all of their problems.  All I need to do sometimes is simply offer them a smile and a reminder that they are strong enough to overcome their situation. I don't have to mentor every young, up-and-coming person in my field, but I can have a life-long impact in one of them. I may not have deep connection with every person I meet, but I can deepen my connection with my wife.

A light doesn't seek to brighten every room at the same time. It focuses on bringing light to the room it is in. Other lights can brighten the rooms they are in, and with them all together the world becomes a brighter place.

What is one thing you can do this week to brighten a "room" you are in? Identify one person in your life and determine to remind them this week of how special they are to you and to the world.

See the video (under a minute in length) here!

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  • This is fantastic. One step, one smile, one compliment – it starts with one. Great topic!


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