Living Limitless - This Week's Theme for our Inner Circle

Written by one of our Thumos brothers......

I am a goal-oriented, focused person by nature. When I set my mind on something I can get focused to the point of perfectionism, which isn't necessarily a good thing, but does serve to keep me motivated on my path towards completing the objective. Back in the early 2000's I was on a path towards achieving an occupational objective I set for myself. Around 2007 I hit a plateau and couldn't seem to make any more progress towards my goal.  After a while I started to believe that maybe I had topped out.  It was during that period that I met a friend of mine who spoke some words into my life that would completely change my perspective. When I was describing my current state occupationally and financially one day, he replied by blowing the glass out of the proverbial roof I had come to believe I was living under. Instead of believing I had "topped out", he saw a limitless potential of growth. In that moment I realized that the limits I had accepted as reality for me were all self-imposed.

After that conversation I began to think about other ways that I was imposing limits on myself.  This was a turning point for me, as I began to realize just how limiting I had been in so many other areas of my life.  The hard truth I saw was that by placing limits on myself I was actually allowing victimhood to play a role in my life. I was blaming other people, circumstances, and impediments for keeping me tied down.  In reality, I was the one allowing those things to become a limit for me when they actually were there to help me grow.  Living a limitless life is how we were designed and the only person standing in the way of that is me. 

What limits are you placing on yourself?  How have those limits served you? What is your potential if those limits were removed?

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  • Beautiful message. I’ve limited myself for far too long. Playing small does not serve the world well, in my opinion. Why not be humble and live limitless, from a place of abundance, generosity, and love (of oneself and others)?!


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