Men Need A Weekend

A fresh perspective on life. That’s what I got out of the recent Thumos Weekend Experience.
I so admire the men who are pushing through life. Especially conservative, free thinking men who have the world, media and more pushing bullshit non stop.
Good men are surviving on pure will. And not winning. Surviving vs thriving. Testosterone is low (by design), connection is shallow at best (by design), the spirit is tired.
Busyness rules the day void of truly getting ahead. And anger is the new norm, which shows up as irritation, agitation, and anxiety and is often masking deep sadness underneath. I know men. I see this on every weekend I’ve been part of.
Men must reconnect. With good men. With nature. With self. With God. It’s critical. Wives are starving for men to wake back up to joy, purpose and strength. Kids are suffering because of men’s struggles. There is a better way….
Remember, hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times…and the circle continues. Where are we now? How does it change? What do you need?

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  • I’m in a position of surviving , and I need to thrive and not feel like I’m stuck in this hole. I’m getting great Information from the Thursday calls to help. But at work I feel like I’m at a standstill in my legs are cut off. I’m not getting to use the knowledge that I have being involved with a major project. They have me watching over a pipe yard or we’re just unloading and loading truck all day. My pay is pretty decent and I know the only reason why I’m here is because the help I have asked for doing through this transaction at home of getting custody of our little girl. So I’m extremely happy that I have the help that I’m here at home I just know how much better I would be in the field running a major project job. So I need something to keep my head up and I’ll tell you what joining Thumos was put in my life for a reason and I’m here to learn how to use all the tools to change this feeling …

    James Bohannon

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