My Current Thoughts On D3

Supplementing D3 is key, in my opinion.  It's needed for strong bones, a healthy immune system, and more.  It can be taken with K2 in it or the two can be taken separately.  D3 needs ongoing blood tests for accuracy as people absorb it differently.  In the meantime, people should get outside and get full body sun at about 20 minutes per day if possible.  I take 10,000 iu of D3 to get my levels up to optimal, which takes time (e.g months, based on how low they were when I started).  I then back the D3 down to 5,000 i.u.'s daily for maintenance.  This keeps me around 80 ng/ml on blood tests.  Again, the blood test (25-oh) is needed to be assess the proper amounts of D3 to take.  You can purchase the blood test hereUse the Coupon Code thumosvip at checkout for 10% off.  You can purchase D3 here.
I take k2 with D3, to help keep calcium where I want it - in the bones and teeth.  And, since most all should be taking fish oil (for mild blood thinning, triglycerides, cholesterol, etc.), I take D and fish oil together.  D is fat soluble, so the fish oil will help with the absorption.  I take both in the AM with food.  I also take fish oil in the PM (2 AM and 2 PM).  K is available here.  Fish oil is available here.  

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