Practice Makes Per...spective?

Another excellent perspective from an Inner Circle member....Jason St. Cyr
Information rarely becomes knowledge on its own. We are students of perspective and can indulge in each other's shared perspective, but no true wisdom is gained in the collection of information. For instance, you may have studied several books on sales. If so, surely you have gathered much information on the strategy behind various sales techniques. This will not make you a good salesperson. It is simply a foundation to build upon through action.  Information becomes experience through action or practice. Information is the "here is what you should do", but without the actions of doing and practice (repetitive doing..or non-doing btw), you will not realize the true perspective.  It is not through information, but action that you can truly build a lasting perspective. Through action you can truly adopt a perspective rather that just appreciate it.
This can apply to anything in our lives. Do you want to become a good sales person. Practice. Do you wish you were a better listener. Practice. Do you want to become more mindful, more kind, more flexible? Practice, practice, practice.
Many of us appreciate perspective at a distance. This is not gaining perspective. This is observing. You are a spectator shouting at a sporting event while imagining you are an athlete. Casting judgement from the sidelines.  So become the athlete. We become what we practice. Perspective may be the path to wisdom, but it is the perspectives that we have adopted, not those we can relate to or appreciate. Act on your information. Gain the experience around it.
Practice. Practice. Practice.

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