The Yearly Wrap-Up I Taking Inventory I Look Back On Life

This video covers the collective thoughts of the Thumos' communities' discussions around taking inventory, and reflecting. Do you pause, be still, contemplate, and look-back? What's working in your life? What's not working? What's the power of using a journal? Looking back can remind one of how so many challenges were able to be overcome. We discussed 'doing' vs 'being'. Take time to go over what you accomplished in 2021, the big stuff and the small stuff. Do a brief replay of what didn't work out, but don't neglect the time to look at and celebrate the accomplishments. Next step - ask 'where am I now'? And then, ask 'what is next.'. Where ever we are going, we will not get there alone. Find your tribe. Get clear on your 'why', mission and vision.

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