The Dark Side of My Mission (Shadow)

Compulsive thoughts can be far too frequent in a man.  By this, I'm referring to repeat, and unresolved thought patterns, which are always negative in some way.  If these compulsive thoughts were positive, I'd say "great", let them role.  But, unfortunately for many, they have not been.  It seems that the positive thoughts tend to be passing and the negative thoughts are often repetitive.

Often, these thoughts can involve difficult conversations that a man has yet to have with people, and in most cases, he either feels let down in some way or there is an expectation, on his end, that has not been met. 

This man may be well aware of the dark side of his mission.  Compulsive thoughts, may very well be part of it.  To me, compulsion = worry + repetition.  Worry can also be replaced by the words negative thought.

So, what's the solution to these compulsive, dark thoughts?  For starters, be aware. This is key.  He can't fix what he's not aware of.  Also, he could try focusing on the opposite of compulsion, which may mean acceptance.  Peace is typically huge too in this.  As is connection.  Connection around compulsion involves feelings around other people.  Most every time that a man connects, he has a much better understanding and more empathy towards the other person.  

At the wounding level, the man may or may not know where he got this trait.  With that said, he may try repeating to himself 'it's all good, and it's all going to work out'.  Repeating words is one thing, but truly believing them is better, and truly knowing that they will come to life is best.  Many men get where they need to be by slowing down, and hearing from God. 

How about you?  Do you have compulsive (repetitive) thoughts that are less than positive?  If so, what do you do about them?

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