The Present Moment

In the Thumos community, we are optimizing men and we do this by integrating mind, body, and spirit (we focus on 8 F's - Faith, family, fitness, etc...).  Here is an example of many articles that are produced for our community members.  Enjoy....

Many times we think of the present moment as a click. A minuscule hairline of measurment on the watch we wear on our wrist. Yet, the present moment is endless. The word "moment" is almost misleading, as it has a finite connotation. This moment stays with us always. We are always in it. It is music. Where one single note does not create a symphony, the moment brings the next note and then the next and the next until we can string them together into a melody. 

Our moments become our song. Our story. There are those moments that we remember clearly, whether we remember them as being "good" or "bad". All of these memories were created in the present moment and reflected back on in the present moment.

We remind ourselves to " be" in the present moment, but how can we be anywhere else?  I've never seen anyone escape it. The real challenge becomes the way we relate to the present moment. Do I cherish each breath I take as if my life depended on it? I would surely cherish it the instant that I found myself unable to take a breath. Do I cherish my time with my Mother and Father? Surely, I will once I have no time left with them. This is my moment.  I have to practice finding the beauty in the present moment, for it is the only place that beauty can exist. It is in each and every life-giving breath.

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