The Weekend Experience For Men Is On! Feb 4-6, 2022.

Expect To:
- Be reminded that you have what it takes ... to be a man, husband, dad, friend, and a contributor to your community
- Unlock the potential that’s already inside of you
- Disconnect from current reality and re-discover nature, peace and God
- Stand shoulder to shoulder and sit knee to knee with like-minded men, to help them get whatever it is they came for Learn, share, and develop a plan, to maximize mind (passion, purpose, perspective, and path forward) and body (health, energy and performance) to unlock the spirit (faith) in side of you.
- Integrate as a man to identity strengths and areas that need focus
- Go-back home with with a huge injection of passion and energy
- Show up better for your wife, kids, and love ones
- Be part of a coaching & mentoring community, where men are real
- Be met where you are, but expect to get clarity on where you are going
- Have the option to stay connected, and further integrate what you learned, with like-minded men, via the Inner Circle private membership
- Began to optimize your life!
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