The Weekly Wrap Up I Dealing With Fear

The Thumos USA Weekly Wrap Up. Dealing with Fear. Tactics discussed: 1. 50 seconds - Fear needs action. Step into it. Don't just sit idle. Worry is prayer for what I don't know (the law of attraction). Don't play small. Don't back away. Step to it and through it. It'll work out. 2. 2:02 - Be prepared. Don't always over prepare (waste time) but be prepared. Being unprepared will instill fear in a person. 3. 2:53- Play out worse case scenario. What's the likelihood of this happening? What is the worse thing that can happen? Can I live with it? Can it be undone? The Illusion of Money is a great book that speaks to this. 4. 4:50 - Get out of self. Connect. Avoid isolation. 5. 5:20 - Turning fear into fuel. Use it for motivation 6. 5:50 - What has happened to us in our past, does not define who we are. Did we grow from it? Did we advance? Did it makes us better?

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