What Kind Of Topics Are We Bringing To The Weekly Inner Circle Zoom Call?

Topics are selected based on where men are and what men need.  They are real.  They are meaningful.  And, they must matter.  Men give up 2 hours each week to attend these coaching & mentoring calls.  These calls are weekly doses of insights, inspiration, clarity, and solutions.  If interested in learning more, click here.  At $50/month, it's a ridiculous bargain.  But, the goal is not to exclude men based on price.  Inclusion into Thumos comes form men who are willing and ready to look within and do the work to optimize life.  Here are topics shared in past calls:

  • Each man's top and bottom F - From our Thumos 8 F's To Becoming An Integrated Man.  Examples of the F's are - Faith, Family, Fitness, etc...
  • Mission and shadow mission statements - The What, Why, and How
  • Vision Boards - Why they matter, how to create them, and how to use them
  • Health and Fitness - Including hormones to optimize men
  • How Am I Showing Up as a Husband and/or Dad?
  • Discuss A Challenge You Are Dealing With In Life
  • How Do You Incorporate Fun Into Your Day?
  • Describe Your Perfect Day (on a workday, none weekend
  • Love - What is means and how you are doing around it
  • Marriage and Attraction with Special Guest
  • Health and Hormones with Special Guest
  • What is Your Purpose?  And why it matters
  • Life with Zero Fear
  • Awareness and the first step in waking up
  • Success - Are you successful now and what do you need?
  • Accountability - As a key ingredient to character

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