What Protein Powder Do I Like?

I'm commonly asked if I like protein powder.  In short, yes I do like it for many people that I work with.  I currently do not use a protein powder, but I did for about 30 years.  Yes, that's a long time.  In fact, if anything, I'm guilty of over using it.  I consumed the same type of powder (whey isolate), daily, for those 3 decades.  Sometimes I drink the protein several times a day.  The result?  I believe I developed a slight allergy to it.  It's no big deal, to be be honest.  And, I believe that at some point I'll be able to reintroduce it.  An allergy or intolerance can happen when one over consumes a certain type of food, and it seems to be especially common with whey/dairy and eggs.   


What's the result of my now consuming a whey shake?  Nothing.  I've realized that I have not lost one ounce of muscle, but I do eat plenty of protein daily (fish, beef, chicken, etc.).   


So, I like protein powder because it's quick and easy.  I like whey isolate because it's clean, has a good bioavailability, and most people tolerate and digest it well.  Even those who are lactose intolerant may be able to use whey isolate (not concentrate).  I also current like this brand  - MuscleFeast, as I've used it myself, with good results.  I like the fact that it's natural, processed properly, and even tastes good in my opinion.  I'm not affiliated with this brand and there are other good ones out there.  

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