Copy of Defy - Partners That We Believe In

We are proud to team-up with people/companies that we trust, believe in, and that offer good value.  Our partnership goes beyond referral to companies that we've heard about or studied; our members have used these products with success, so we are happy to refer you to them.   

Defy Medical - Telemedicine

 The world's leading hormone replacement clinic, also offering primary care, men's health, women's health, aesthetics, weight management, IV & injectable nutrition, thyroid therapy, and peptide therapy.  Offering the convenience of telemedicine.  Defy is a 'one stop shop' so they can handle labs and  medications. 

Thumos friends and family get $100 off the initial consultation ($149 vs regular price of $249).  Get started by clicking here, or call (813) 445-7342 and be sure to mention the Thumos referral discount

To use defy, it's a simple 5-step process:

1) Use the link above to fill complete you basic information and they'll reach back out to you, or place a call directly to them (be sure to mention Thumos)

2) Get labs (the initial comprehensive lab work, Guided by Defy Medical, or you can send Defy your recent labs (e.g. 3 months or less).

3) Get a quick physical (from a family doctor, Urgent Care, etc.)

4) Have an initial consultation with the Defy medical care provider - up to one hour

5) Get you medications (if needed) mailed to you directly.


  • Comprehensive lab work is $300 as of January 31, 2021, and it includes: Comprehensive metabolic panel, CBC, Lipid Panel, Testosterone free and total, Estradiol sensitive, DHEA-sulfate, TSH, PSA, LH, SHBG and IGF-1. If testosterone is needed, it's currently going for $120 per 10 ml vial (at 150 mg/week, that would last about 13 weeks).  Medication(s) sent directly to your house.  Paperwork can be provided for those wanting to be reimbursed through their insurance for a small fee ($16). 


    Need more help our guidance?  Contact Jody here.