Optimizing Health & Hormones - Work With Jody

Get Personalized Attention, and a Plan, via Phone Or Zoom 

Work With Jody To Get:
    • Answers to your questions around hormones (TRT and ancillaries included)
    • Help in determining if supplementing hormones is even needed
    • Guidance and resources on lab work (with and without insurance), and how to get labs done online (without a doctor)
    • An understanding of the pros and cons of TRT and HRT
    • A simple step by step process for getting started
    • Follow-up support to stay healthy and optimize
    • Steer towards medical professionals that know how to do it right - Jody has partnerships with the best that he has personally found
    • Interpretation of recommendations from medical professionals
    • Additional optimization supplements, such as peptides for more muscle, lower body fat and healing
    • Measured, quantifiable results - you will improve if you follow the advice - guaranteed
    • Direct access to Jody, who has
      • 30 years experience applying health principles to himself and others
      • 13 years of direct hormone experience (testosterone, estradiol, etc.) that includes researching, helping others, and applying methodologies to determine what works best to optimize health for himself and others 
  • Pricing is $95 for the initial consultation via phone or Zoom call in which you will get:
    • Up to 40 minutes with Jody as an advocate, to be by your side. 
    • To discuss your current state, challenges and goals with Jody
    • A clear path forward to improve, based on what has worked for others and what will work for you
    • Referred to one of Jody's recommend and trusted affiliate partners (if needed).
    • Assistance after you see a health care professional (if needed).
    • Jody to further explain, clarify, and work with you (and the health care professional if needed) to optimize as quickly as possible. 
    • Help in saving you lots of time & money, while not risking messing up your health with well meaning, but unqualified people who spend very little time with you and practically never help you get to root cause. 
    • Someone who listens, cares about getting to root cause, and is focused on optimizing while sustaining the good results. 
    • The potential to have more time with Jody to fast track your goals, if needed (some only need this one session to 'tweak').  

    Pricing & Packages:

        • 45-Min Initial Consultation for $95 (To get you started right)
        • 1-Hr for $150 (To build on the initial consult and give you next steps towards meeting your goals)
        • 4 Week Program (4-Hours Total) - $580 (Typically covering optimal hormones, workouts, rest/recovery and nutrition/supplements to get you looking, feeling and performing better)
        • 8 Week Program - (8-Hours Total) - $1120 (Typically covers all items in the 4 week program, plus additional follow-up and deep dive for more measurable results) 

        How Does it Work?  3 Simple Steps

        • Once Jody is contacted by you, he'll reply to you to set up next steps
        • If you both agree to move forward, the first phone or Zoom call is set up, with the objective of getting you answers to your questions so that you can get tangible results.
        • You walk away with a clear strategy and next steps.
        • You and Jody mutually decide if more sessions are needed.
        For additional questions, contact Jody