"The Thumos community is an incredible opportunity to connect with like-minded men who genuinely want to make each other better human beings.  The Weekend Experience was priceless for me.  I found myself inspired to be the man I was meant to be.  Jody has a special gift to bring out the best in men.  All God led!"

- Brian Palma


"My husband has been involved in a men’s group for many years. He has participated or lead these groups... he’s walked away from each one a stronger man. Being part of Thumos has been an experience and challenge unlike any men’s group he’s been with. It gives him a purpose, insight into others and a sense of masculine pride that trickles down into our home. He’s reminded each week from Thumos to focus on being a present father, a pursuing husband and attentive friend. It’s a reminder to take care of not only his heart but his mind, his body and his spirit. I’m very grateful he has a safe and strong group of other men to calibrate with each week. I’m grateful he’s learning how to stay in tune with his masculinity and purpose as a man on this Earth. I’m grateful he understands the importance of bettering himself internally in order to be a light and leader in our home!"                                                                                       
-Amy Barrineau

"After this first introduction with Jody and hearing how he laid out the recipe for success in optimizing my body and performance I was convinced"....

Here is the full version....I met Jody at a wellness talk where he provided a comprehensive overview of supplement best practices and how various hormones affect each of us.  He really simplified the concept of the wellness process and more importantly how to get started better than I have ever heard before.  All my life I have been health conscious but never really had a strong grasp of what supplements I should be taking and why.  

I turn 40 this year and strive to live a very active life but have been experiencing more injury than ever before and was not willing to admit that I was ‘just getting old’.  After this first introduction with Jody and hearing how he laid out the recipe for success in optimizing my body and performance I was convinced.

A few weeks later I moved forward with getting my blood work done and I took Jody up on his offer to provide me with a deep dive into my results. Turned out I had some levels that needed to be addressed which explained some of the symptoms I have been feeling over the past few years.  After an hour discussion with Jody, I felt empowered and was ready to take all measures to work towards optimization.

Jody provided guidance at every step and after a few weeks I was off to the races.  I am grateful for his guidance and motivation through this process.  He really simplified things and in just a few weeks I have a comfortable grasp on my health and wellness more than ever before and feel great!!   

Thank you Jody for your dedication and leadership through this process!!

- Chad Howell


"Jody Licatino is my brother. He set me on the path to be the strongest, most resilient version of myself that I could have become. I put in the work, the sweat, the tears, and the pain. That was all me. But without this man, I would not have set out on the path to be the man that I am today."  

"As per the Thumos Men's Weekend - No words can do it justice.  I went in not specifically searching for anything, but committed to being open to the experience.  What I left with was gratitude, love, spiritual growth, passion, perspective, connection, purpose, presence, inspiration, direction, and momentum.  These lessons came from God, other men, and from within myself.  In a short, the weekend journey began with strangers and ended with what are sure to be life-long connections with men I have come to love and admire.  Thumos is an experience that ultimately showed me the things I was missing in life, and then showed me that these things were right in front of me all along.  I left in a higher state of consciousness, and put many things into action immediately.  This new perspective has added so much joy into my life and into the lives of others that surround me.  Would I do it again?... I can't afford not to.  Looking forward to continuing this journey of growth.  Thumos!"

- Jason St Cyr



"The Thumos Weekend Experience and Inner Circle Private Group provide a unique platform that paves the way for deep personal introspection.  With all the noise in our lives, Thumos helped me eliminate the distractions through grounding in nature.  The group of men on my weekend were of exceptional character and they were positive, encouraging, and purposeful.  Continuously improving your mind, body and spirit to maximize the use of unique gifts God has given you is a lifelong process.  With personal commitment, care, and courage, I believe Thumos can help men speed up this lifelong journey!"

"Jody’s influence through intentional, focused coaching in both my professional and personal life has produced a paradigm shift.  Ever since Jody began coaching me less than a year ago, my professional career and outlook changed dramatically.  I’ve since left my corporate job of 10 years and found an opportunity fit for the mastery, autonomy, and purpose I’ve been desiring for years.  I believe Jody’s leadership, discernment, and connection through his coaching helped revive what was lying dormant within me for a long time.  Jody has a unique gift expressed through connection and coaching that foster commitment and action.  I have no doubt he will change the lives of those he coaches, just like he did for me." - Charles Ford, VP Operations

- Charles Ford


"Jody – Thank you. You have helped change my life. I was on a path, for years, of declining health. Thanks to your knowledge, council and encouragement around health optimization I know have a new lease on life. My days now are full of vigor, strength and energy. I truly believe that I now have not only many more years ahead of me, but the quality of these years is vastly improved. I thank you, and my family thanks you for all that you have done."                                                                      

– Dave Meadows 



 "The Thumos Weekend Experience was awesome!  It was filled with open and fruitful discussion of health and spirituality among like-minded men that were truly there to help each other.  I loved the overall theme of optimization.  I learned a ton and came away with several actionable takeaways to improve my life."

– Mike Haywood




"Jody has helped more people than I can count. His light and love shine bright and the world is changed because of his presence. I’m blessed to call Jody someone who is more than just a friend – he is a brother by choice rather than by birth. Jody is a man that I would follow into battle. Jody has special gifts around discernment (seemingly to often know exactly what a person needs to hear), and is also extremely passionate and knowledgeable around unlocking the potential in a man (optimization). I’ve seen Jody do this one on one with me, in small group settings, and on weekends (both serving and leading). Jody is truly adding value to help people optimize and I would highly recommend his services (and friendship).  I'm on the October weekend and I'm in the inner circle, which is incredible."  

"Thumos Weekend... what is it? It’s real, it’s power, it’s encouraging, it’s inspiring.
After an average “Men’s Weekend”, a man is left alone to fade away. That’s where Thumos is different, that’s where we draw the line. The weekend is only the beginning, it’s the opening of a relationship with a community of men who are committed to improving themselves and the men in their community. It’s unlike anything else I’ve been part of. We don’t focus on past regrets and mistakes, we strive towards a strong & better life by building each other up and working on blindspots. Strong, loving men doing life together, fighting through the noise and distractions that try to steal joy."

- Brook Barrineau

"I’ve known Jody for several years now and I can honestly say that his knowledge, passion and commitment for helping people to optimize and unlock their potential are second to none. I’ve personally benefited from his guidance and friendship, and I’ve seen a lot of others greatly benefit as well. I’m signed up for the Thumos weekend, and I cannot wait!  I'm also part of the inner circle, which is a highlight of my week."

- Chris Panto

"I met Jody less than a year ago, and I feel like we’ve known each other a lifetime. Jody truly challenges me, and other men, to be better. He is generous with his time, knowledge and gifts. Jody has a solid understanding of health, wellness, and performance, but what’s even more impressive is his commitment to true integration of the mind, body, and spirit. I’m grateful to be part of Jody’s Inner Circle."

"As per the Weekend Experience, I am not the man I was previous to the weekend.  I realize that seems to be a cliche' thing to say, however it's true.  I went into it with an open mind and heart, so I can't say that I expected "this" or didn't expect "that" - but it happened.  Something in me changed.  I left with something very special.  I feel more confident, clearer, more patient, more excited about life.  I'm more connected and sharing honestly with like-minded men, without any judgement or shame, and that is uniquely powerful.  These men are my brothers now.  Again, it just happened.  I guess all I did was show up and be real, be myself.  Now I get to show up real in a whole new way.  Thank you Thumos for this opportunity.  I'm not sure how I could feel more grateful."

– James Knapp


"Being surrounded by quality, real, like-minded men who share the same outlook as I do on family, lifestyle, and values is the most humbling experience to say the least.  Being part of such a caring, loving, and real group of men makes me realize how lucky I am to be part of this special 'all star' team of men. 

I have been able to open up to these men and feel such a connection with then, which makes me feel so powerful, and words cannot do it justice.  I can only attempt to explain this by comparing it to a dream I've had since childhood, which is to run out of the tunnel at Tiger stadium!  I've been involved in sports all of my life and this team is 'A' quality.  It feels so good to be part of it!

The connection with such quality men makes me feel like I can accomplish any task with them on my side.  I am so grateful that Jody chose me to be part of this great Thumos experience (Weekend and Inner Circle).  Jody has a true gift of seeing, connecting, inspiring, and focusing on brining men together.  The men of Thumos are helping each other be more dynamic in life's journey.  I'm glad to call these men my brothers!"  

- Brad Donaldson    


“In Thumos USA's Inner Circle, I found a like-minded group of men who share a mission of strengthening one another through community.  These are normal men who share a desire to focus on improving themselves through one another.  Like many of us caught up in the “daily grind,”  I was climbing the mountain of life alone. Thumos has had an incredible positive impact on me as a husband & father.  It is a unique and rewarding brotherhood.”

– Perry Welch


"I was recently graciously invited to join a new men’s group - Thumos USA. A great friend of mine and member, had been telling me about the leadership’s vision and passion.  Simply put (in my words), Thumos exists to help optimize men, so that we may become better leaders, friends, husbands, and fathers. We are all striving and learning every day to become what we refer to as Integrated Men.  I have found in this amazing group, men who selflessly and with love, lift other men up, support, hold accountable, challenge, and inspire the others. It requires trust, vulnerability, and a deep passion to become better.  I’ve had exceptional friends throughout my life who have individually done all of these things for me, but never have I been a part of a larger, core group of like-minded and driven men."
- Kris Simpson

"Here is one wife's testimony!  I can truly say that my husband left one way and came back a different man, in the BEST possible way - regarding The Weekend Experience!  His willingness to be open to change and to allow himself to be vulnerable opened the door for God to speak and shift him.  The men that surrounded him provided that safe space to do the 'work'.  He came back with vision, clarity, and direction.  He encountered God in ways he never has before as the guys took time to meditate and commune in nature.  No distractions, no work calls.  Just peace.  I love my husband, love him more every day, and seeing him growing in who he was designed to be on this planet is sexy ;).  When he came home, the atmosphere in our home shifted.  I thank God for his weekend with Thumos.  It's a gift to our family!" 

 - Heather Michelle