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"Jody has been my personal health 'consultant' for 15 years.  More energy, more stamina, and greater health are all outcomes from working with Jody.  I was healthy, overall, but I was not yet 'optimized'."  Vicki Piccirilli. 

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"Jody's gift is unlocking hidden potential within a man.  With his guidance I became stronger and greatly improved my body, gaining almost 40 lbs of lean muscle..." - Jason St. Cyr

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"Jody – Thank you. You have helped change my life. I was on a path, for years, of declining health. Thanks to your knowledge, council and encouragement around health optimization I know have a new lease on life. My days now are full of vigor, strength and energy. I truly believe that I now have not only many more years ahead of me, but the quality of these years is vastly improved. I thank you, and my family thanks you for all that you have done." - Dave Meadows.


"Jody really simplified the concept of the wellness process, and more importantly how to get started, better than I had ever heard before.  All of my life, I had been health conscious, but never really had a strong grasp of what supplements I should be taking and why.  After the first introductory call with Jody, and hearing how he laid out the recipe for success in optimizing my body and peformance, I was convinced!" - Chad Howell


"I love working directly with people.  In short, I can now say that I have a very good, fully integrated life - mind, body and spirit, but I can assure you that it has not always been this way.  I've grinded, struggled and failed - often.  But, ultimately I improved through focus, mentors, doing the internal and external 'work', and receiving blessings.  My aim now is to help as many people as possible, as fast as practical, to unlock their full potential & optimize life!  If I can help just one person on the the journey of life, it will have all been worth it!" - Jody Licatino

How Does it Work?  3 Simple Steps

  • Once Jody is contacted by you, he'll reply to you to set up next steps
  • If you both agree to move forward, the first phone or Zoom call is set up, with the objective of getting you answers to your questions so that you can get tangible results.
  • You walk away with a clear strategy and next steps.
  • You and Jody mutually decide if more sessions are needed.

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*Jody is not a medical doctor and is not providing medical advice