Optimizing Nutrition & Supplements

    Get Personalized Attention, and a Plan, via Phone Or Zoom 

    Work With Jody To Get:
          • A plan of action, based on your goals, where you are currently, your body-type and your activities
          • Clarity on the "nice to haves" vs the "must haves" regarding supplements
          • Recommendations on quality brands to use, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run (with improved health)
          • Supplements for improving sleep and recovery
          • Quantifiable results, based on lab work
          • Help developing a bullet proof immune system and regaining energy, outlook and vibrance Measured results
          • Direct access to Jody with his 30 plus years of experience and research, helping others and applying the same principles to himself.
      • Pricing is $95 for the initial consultation via phone or Zoom call, in which you will get:
        • Up to 45 minutes with Jody as an advocate, to be by your side 
        • Guidance on what to do or what supplements to take (without guess work) based on qualitative and quantitative data
        • Help to further explain, clarify, and work with you (and the health care professional if needed) to optimize as quickly as possible
        • Valuable resources for purchasing supplements that offer the most value at the best price
        • A clear strategy and next steps to optimize
        • The potential to have more time with Jody to fast track your goals, if needed (some only need this one session to 'tweak').
      • Overall, expect to save lots of time and money, and not risk messing up your health with bad advice, fad diets, and/or ineffective programs.

    Pricing & Packages:

        • 45-Min Initial Consultation for $95 (To get you started right)
        • 1-Hr for $150 (To build on the initial consult and give you next steps towards meeting your goals)
        • 4 Week Program (4-Hours Total) - $580 (Typically covering optimal hormones, workouts, rest/recovery and nutrition/supplements to get you looking, feeling and performing better)
        • 8 Week Program - (8-Hours Total) - $1120 (Typically covers all items in the 4 week program, plus additional follow-up and deep dive for more measurable results) 

          How Does it Work?  3 Simple Steps

          • Once Jody is contacted by you, he'll reply to you to set up next steps
          • If you both agree to move forward, the first phone or Zoom call is set up, with the objective of getting you answers to your questions so that you can get tangible results.
          • You walk away with a clear strategy and next steps.
          • You and Jody mutually decide if more sessions are needed.

          For additional questions, contact Jody


            *Jody is not a medical doctor and is not providing medical advice