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We are proud to team-up with people/companies that we trust, believe in, and that offer good value.  Our partnership goes beyond referral to companies that we've heard about or studied; our members have used these products with success, so we are happy to refer you to them.  

Discounted Labs - Blood Work

Buy labs online at a very reasonable price, with no doctor's visit.  Over 1,800 locations.  Now available in Louisiana!  Many other states (including Texas) are covered.  It's a simple 3-4 step process:

1) Order your tests online

2) Visit a local Quest, near your home

3) Get your results 

4) If needed, set up time with Jody (Consultant & Thumos USA Founder) to discuss next steps, and/or to review initial labs, to optimize life - health, energy, strength, etc. 

Use this link that is associated with Thumos USA (referral).  Use the Coupon Code thumosvip at checkout for 15% off at 

The labs can then be sent to Jody for review and next steps, or you can send them directly to your healthcare provider, e.g. Ways2Well, for evaluation.

There are many options to chose, so pick what you need or consider:

If you have the money, these are the best ones to go with.  Follow-up test can be less comprehensive, which will cost less.

For those who want a level down from the Elite/Comprehensive, these are more affordable and will also provide a great place to start:

For those who have comprehensive labs, minus the hormone panels, here are good options for the hormones piece to compliment what you already have:


Need more help our guidance?  Contact Jody here.


*Jody is not a medical doctor and is not providing medical advice