Growth Comes From The Work

Men come to Thumos for different reasons and from a wide range of life stages. For some, they are winning in certain aspects of life, but are looking to optimize or grow in an area that they have identified as a hole in their game.  For others, it may be that they have plateaued in their growth and are looking for that proverbial shot-in-the-arm to jumpstart their progress again. Still others may not even know why or if they need Thumos, but another man they trust invited them and they are curious as to what this group is all about. Regardless of how men get here, the mission of Thumos is the same for every man. We desire to take a man where he is and provide him the tools to optimize, grow, and become the greatest expression of who he is to the world around him.

We always say, “bring all of you – your crap, your wins, your doubts, your hurts – it is all welcome here”.  And men do. You don’t have to show up looking a certain way, you just need to show up. In Thumos calls it is common to witness a man that is hurting or challenged in some area of life suddenly see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, if that man doesn’t begin to move towards the light that is found (i.e., engage in the work that is discussed) then the light will soon begin to fade.  No matter what the topic is, the general Thumos recipe is to discuss an element of life to bring awareness, then provide some next steps for growth. Not every topic will resonate with every man, and that’s ok. However, if a topic does resonate, it is critically important to take that next step. While the “next step” can be painful and usually is different for each case, most of them come from one or more of the four core Thumos toolsets.  These toolsets are Mission, Vision, the 8 F’s, and Connection. Each of these toolsets provide myriad tools from which you can grow and optimize.  From mission statements that help us analyze and generalize our purposes in life, to vision boards that help provide a laser-like focus on our futures, to simple next steps like calling a man during the week to check on him and establish that much needed connectedness to the world around us. Each tool is purposeful and, in many cases, time-tested to help every man achieve their goals. But still, each man must put them to work. The most perfectly balanced hammer made from the finest metals is nothing more than a paperweight until a person picks it up and puts it to use.  So is true with the Thumos toolsets.  If we simply take in the information and do nothing with it, it will feel great going in, then lose its effectiveness soon after.

If you are feeling like you are not optimizing, or maybe you hear about another man’s tremendous growth and yearn for that same level of experience in your life, ask yourself if you are fully leveraging the tools that Thumos provides.  I assure you that these tools have been field-tested and proven to bring results. All it takes is picking them up, putting them to practice in your life, and staying the course.  If you do the Thumos work, growth is guaranteed.