Optimizing Marriage & Attraction

Learn how to attract your wife reliably, consistently and effectively with more joy for both you and her! 

A 3-Part Teaching & Coaching Program Offered By Rebecca Watson, Founder of PeakMarriage.com & Jody Licatino, Founder of Thumos USA.  

This Group Program is limited to 8 men.  

Benefits of the Program:

Wives will feel more:

  • Valued
  • Loved
  • Connected
  • Protected/Cherished
  • Energized
  • Freed from sexual pressure & being an object for sex
  • Supported & less pressured
  • Better listened to
  • Trusting in your overall strength & leadership as a husband

    You, as a husband, will get:

    • Your girlfriend back, e.g., a wife who is into you
    • Better intimacy with no more fights about sex - ever
    • Less nagging
    • Fewer fights about nothing
    • A wife who believes in you and help unlock your full potential
    • A trusted partner, who respects you
    • A more peaceful and joyful wife
    • A more supportive wife who has your back


    Both will:

    • Feel more valued, loved and connected
    • Provide a better model for your children
    • Be more productive
    • Be happier overall

    The program is Zoom based, and currently consists of three 2.5 hour Zoom based calls, typically on Fridays for to accommodate most schedules.

    Contact us here to get on the waiting list for the next available program!