Taking Inventory - To Achieve Better Results

On the road to optimization, I generally am looking for the quickest way from point A to point B.  That said, when I set my mind on something that I perceive should happen immediately, or in a relatively short amount of time, and it doesn't, I can get easily frustrated.  In fact, in some cases, I can get mad and blame God for not coming through. Recently, I had one of these circumstances and God showed me something that really shifted my perspective on delayed results.

While expressing frustration to God about not seeing the results I intended, God said, "Chris, if you continue to drive on a road you know is full of nails and, as a result, always end up on the other side with flat tires, it does no good for me to put new tires on the car for you now."  In essence, God was challenging me to take inventory of the elements in my life that might be standing in the way of me achieving the results I desired.  What is awesome is that God did not say "I won't do this for you until you change". Rather, He showed me that if He was to grant me the outcome I desire right now, it would not do me any good.  By going through the process of analyzing the things that are in my life, most likely unhealthy things that are currently standing in the way, and removing those things first, I get the benefit of an end result that not only gives me "new tires on the car" but a cleaner and more efficient car!  WOW! When I purpose in my heart a desired outcome, I am now reminded that the process provides the growth, and the end result is always better. 

How about you? What might be standing in the way of the future you desire? I encourage you to take inventory and focus on the incremental changes that will cumulatively bring about the ultimate change you desire.