Are You A Man Who Is: 
- Feeling stuck, overweight, and/or tired?  
- Experiencing lack of confidence and sex drive?
- Needing a clear path, void of gimmicks and nonsense?

Might You Be:
- Stalled in your current program or diet?
- Needing support and accountability?
- Unclear on what your hormones are doing, but know    they have shifted downward? 


- Transform your body - to gain muscle and get stronger?
- Drastically lower body fat? 
- Find what works for your body type?
Are You Willing To:
- Put in serious work?
- Follow the principles and plan based on your goals?
- Learn from others, in real time, who are on the journey with you?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these, then Thumos Strong May Be For You 


What You'll Love About This Program:
- Results will happen
- 100% Virtual
- Self Paced
- Supported by real men, who are also going through the program, sharing challenges, answering questions, posting pics (optional) and more 
- Complete - Covering your 'why', hormones, nutrition, supplementation, workouts, cardio, rest and recovery, special hacks, and more
- It's a "Course" within our own, private Mighty Community (for members only).  Simple and secure.  
- Encouragement without judgement
- Video based, with a PDF workbook to support you
- Fully integratabtle with your fitness trainer, health provider, etc.  
- Ongoing mentoring from members and coaching from the Thumos Strong Founder - Jody Licatino, MS
- Weekly, virtual calls with Q&A
- See benefits in other areas of your life once your look, feel and perform better than ever? 
- See measurable data to prove that what you are doing is working?
- Transformation - guaranteed! 
The Program Is Not For Men Who Are Not Yet Willing or Ready...

How The Program Works

1. Sign Up via one of our simple payment options.
2. Create a profile to get connected with other members of Thumos Strong who will challenge, support and inspire you.  
3. Begin the modules
4. Implement the program & share your experiences with other members