Ways2Well - Zoom Call Focused on Optimizing Men's Health, August 17, 2021


Back by popular demand!   

Attention men!  We are pleased to announce a special Zoom call focusing on Health And Hormone Optimization.  It'll be free for you, and will cover:

  • Hormones - why 'normal' is a not a good outcome and how to be 'optimal' to be strong, look and feel great, and how to combat modern day living stealing your manhood
  • Energy - learn about stress, adrenal health, eating right, and more
  • Vitamins and minerals - What you need and why, based on quantitative data to feel better, while avoiding wasting money. Benefits include better: Energy, sleep, mood, sex drive, and overall health 

The call will be hosted by:

    Jody Licatino, M.S., Health Coach &  Founder of Thumos USA, a community focusing on optimizing life (mind & body) for its members.  Here is what one of Jody's clients has to say about working with him. "Jody has helped change my life. I was on a path, for years, of declining health. Thanks to his knowledge, council and encouragement around health optimization I now have a new lease on life. My days now are full of vigor, strength and energy. I truly believe that I now have not only many more years ahead of me, but the quality of these years is vastly improved." – Dave Meadows. Click here to see Jody talking about health & hormone help.   

    Jody is bringing back, by popular demand,  Special Guest:                              

    Danese Rexroad, NP, with Ways2Well.com.  "Danese is the best I've ever worked with, and she is a vital player in my health optimization journey. And, at almost 50 years of age, I've never felt better and I have the body that I want, while living the life that I want.  I send both men and women to her for health optimization."- Jody Licatino 
    Click here to get a quick preview of Danese discussing blood work!   

    Danese and Jody have a combined 50 plus years of experience researching and applying health optimization principles that work, as measured by quantitative data.  Both Danese and Jody love to help others achieve optimal health! 

    The Zoom Call will be from 6-8 PM, CST, August 17, 2021

    So, relax, grab a beverage, and enjoy this fun, information packed time with the ladies.     

    • This call will focus on men. Spouses of the men are welcome to attend, but the focus for this call will be on men
    • There will be time for Q&A
    • Bring a notebook and a pen, as this will be a fantastic learning event
    • There is no cost for you, as our special guest
    • You will walk away informed, and you will gain clarity around taking your health to the next level
    • If you decide to work with Jody or Danese, you will be provided information on next steps
    • You will not get a sales pitch.  You will get quality information to learn from!