What Will You Do In 22'?

As we step out of 2021 and firmly in 2022, I am pausing to reflect on how the past year went.  This time last year I determined to not let 2021 be the year of negativity, but rather the year of unlimited growth and potential.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “strongly focused” and 1 being “lacked focus” I’d rank myself a 9 focusing on unlimited growth and potential and a 4 on not letting it be the year of negativity. That said, being a 9 on focus with unlimited growth and potential was severely short-circuited by the 4 on negativity. The good news is, I DID grow and one area I grew most in is recognizing the truth of just how powerful my mind is and how much I let it control me.  That was the source of the 4.

So, in 2022 I’m taking the next step in my journey of growth and potential by taking back control of my life. I am determined to not let my mind tell my body what to do.  Instead of operating in auto-mode, as I have for my entire life, I’m going to be focused on telling my mind what to think, my body how to react, and changing the narrative of my future by dreaming more. As we have said many times before, awareness is key, but awareness alone is not enough to bring about change.  There must be an action step that takes place after awareness.  For 2022, the action I am taking will start by not trying to figure everything out. I have seen that the analytical process I am comfortable with and am gifted at can be a hindrance to my growth. When I feel as though I have to understand ”why” and “how” all the time, I remain in my head rather than in my heart. Since being in my heart is where creativity, imagination, love, and peace are found, I need to spend more time there and less time analyzing the data.

How did you do in 2021? Did you end 2021 the way you envisioned you would when you started 2021?  Maybe your path has shifted and you are headed towards a new destination now.  Either way, what do you want to do in 2022?