Ways To Well Affiliate - Partners That We Believe In

We are proud to team-up with people/companies that we trust, believe in, and that offer good value.  Our partnership goes beyond referral to companies that we've heard about or studied; our members have used these products with success, so we are happy to refer you to them.  

Ways2Well - Virtual/Telemedicine, Health Optimization

Focus on optimal health, rather than traditional so called healthcare. Ways2Well is a premier telemedicine company, owned and operated by trusted professionals.  Jody, as Thumos USA's Founder, personally uses W2W.  Click here to get going.

If you reside in Tx, it's one stop shopping: contact them, get labs done, they interpret the labs and set up a call with you to go over them in a very comprehensive review, and send medications/supplements directly to you if needed.

Pricing: You must mention Thumos (men and women) to get the excellent discounts

  • Best Value - $249 for comprehensive lab work and the comprehensive review (normally $400) for the Silver Package.  Silver Package bloodwork is as shown in the pics below. Additional tests can also be ran as needed.
  • Most Comprehensive - $425 (15% off of $500) for the Gold package

For those living outside of Texas (including Louisiana) blood work cannot be ordered, yet, in your state, through W2W.  But,

  • You can have bloodwork done (using an online lab services listed below or via using your insurance).  If using an online service, consider starting with DiscountedLabs.com and results can be sent to W2W for the comprehensive, 30-minute review at a cost of $127.50 ($150 w/ 15% off for using the Thumos referral); or,
  • If you want the comprehensive review, the cost is $170 for a 45-minutes ($200 w/ 15% off for using the Thumos referral).  
  • W2W's partner pharmacy (Revive) can ship medications directly to you, if needed.  

Here is what's included in the Silver and Gold Packages offered by Ways2Well:


If using another source (e.g. labs through your personal Dr. or Discountedlabs.com) it's recommended that you chose similar tests.  More items tested is typically better, but cost goes up.  We like to start with something pretty comprehensive and then save on follow up tests as one gets 'dialed in.'   


Need more help our guidance?  Contact Jody here.