Copy of Affiliates - Partners That We Believe In

We are proud to team-up with people/companies that we trust, believe in, and that offer good value.  Our partnership goes beyond referral to companies that we've heard about or studied; our members have used these products with success, so we are happy to refer you to them.  Here they are: 


Discounted Labs - Blood Work 
Buy labs online at a very reasonable price, with no doctor's visit.  Over 1,800 locations. Click here for more information.


Ways2Well - Telemedicine

Focus on optimal health, rather than traditional so called healthcare. Ways2Well is a premier telemedicine company, owned and operated by trusted professionals.  Jody, as Thumos USA's Founder, personally uses W2W. Special discounts for friends and family of Thumos.  Click here to get more information. 


Defy Medical - Telemedicine

The world's leading hormone replacement clinic, also offering primary care, men's health, women's health, aesthetics, weight management, IV & injectable nutrition, thyroid therapy, and peptide therapy.  Offering the convenience of telemedicine.  Defy is a 'one stop shop' so they can handle labs and  medications.  Special discounts for friends and family of Thumos.  Click here to learn more.


Solomon Episcopal Conference Center - Nature To Get Away

Need a beautiful getaway for your next weekend retreat, anniversary, or to soak in some quiet time?  This is one of my favorite places.  Located about an hour from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Special discount for friends and family of Thumos.  Click here to learn more.  


Crossfit 1420

Great people with great values.  These guys put the work in, change bodies and change lives.  Located in Katy Texas.  They are #1420Strong.  Check them out here.
SteelMill Gym
Hardcore, encouraging and accepting.  This place, located in the Houston Heights area is centrally located.  The owner is a Thumos brother and he truly cares about people.  You gotta' check this place out.  Click here for more info.  
Covington Athletic Club
Legit, hardcore, and yet still caring.  This is my personal gym, located in Covington, LA.  Working out here and one is almost guaranteed to get stronger.  The owner is a Thumos member.  Check it out here!
A great martial arts school.  Building character and creating champions in life - aligned with what Thumos is doing for men.  Family friendly and lead by a world class instructor, who my own son trained under.  Check them out here.  
Peak Marriage
Most every man needs help with getting and sustaining a marriage filled with connection and attraction.  Rebecca Watson is a master coach who helps men get more of what they want.  Check her out here.