Health Coaching & Consulting To Optimize!

Work Directly With Jody Licatino, As An Advocate, With Over 30 Years Experience.  Optimize Health: Hormones, Nutrition & Supplements, Workouts and/or Rest/Recovery! 
Save Time.  Save Money.  Avoid Costly Mistakes. Get Expertise from Someone Who Lives The Life, Takes Time and Cares!
Pricing is $135 for the initial consultation and personal attention to set you out on a clear path to exceed your goals.  It starts with a phone or Zoom call! 
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Health & Hormones 

  • Answers to your questions around hormones, such as testosterone, estradiol, etc.,
  • Help in determining if supplementing hormones is even needed
  • Proven methods to gain muscle and lose body fat, beyond lab studies (real world results)!
  • Guidance and resources on lab work (with and without insurance), and how to get labs done online (without a doctor)
  • Advice on peptides and other goodies to enhance performance and recovery and optimize health
  • Privacy for those not wanting to be in the medical database 'system' 
  • A simple step by step process for getting started and getting optimized!  Click here for more... 


 Nutrition & Supplements 

  • A plan of action, based on your goals
  • Clarity on the "nice to haves" vs "must haves" 
  • Recommendations on quality supplement brands to save you money
  • Supplements for improving sleep and recovery 
  • Quantifiable results, based on lab work 
  • A way to eat based on your body type, workload, and goals
  • A detailed nutritional plan, for foods to eat and when to eat them. Click here for more...   

        Workouts & Recovery


        • A plan of action, based on your goals, where you are currently, your body-type and your activities
        • Motivation, accountability and progress checks
        • Clarity on the "nice to haves" vs the "must haves" when it comes to exercise types
        • A routine to fit into your busy schedule.  
        • Sleep hacks
        • Guidance on fitness tracking
        • Proven methods for injury prevention and injury rehabilitation 
        • Click here for more... 

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          Real Results From Real People 

          "I was a small, skinny kid for most of my life.  Through applied knowledge, analysis, and hard work, I've been able to put on 40 quality pounds while still having a 32" waist.  I'm now 50 and I look, feel and perform better than ever.  I love being strong. I'm also healthier than ever as measured by quantitative data. This excites me.  I get even more excited by helping others achieve their dreams" and I have a lot of experience in this - Jody Licatino - Founder of Thumos.


          "Jody Licatino set me on the path to be the strongest, most resilient version of myself that I could have become. I put in the work, the sweat, the tears, and the pain. That was all me. But without this man, I would not have set out on the path to be the man that I am today."  - Jason St. Cyr

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          *Jody is not a medical doctor, nor does he offer medical advice.  He does work with medical professionals as needed.