Health & Hormone Help For Women!

Men & Women Can Work Directly With Jody, As An Advocate, To Optimize Health: Hormones, Nutrition & Supplements, Workouts and/or Rest/Recovery! 
Save Time.  Save Money.  Avoid Costly Mistakes. Get Expertise from Someone Who Lives The Life, Takes Time and Cares!
Pricing is $95 for the initial consultation and personal attention, via phone or Zoom calls! 

Health & Hormones 

  • Answers to your questions around hormones
  • Help in determining if supplementing hormones is even needed
  • Guidance and resources on lab work (with and without insurance), and how to get labs done online (without a doctor)
  • A simple step by step process for getting started and getting optimized!
  • Guidance towards trusted medical professionals that do it right! Click here for more... 




      Nutrition & Supplements 

      • A plan of action, based on your goals
      • Clarity on the "nice to haves" vs "must haves" 
      • Recommendations on quality supplement brands to save you money
      • Supplements for improving sleep and recovery
      • Quantifiable results, based on lab work 
      • A detailed nutritional plan, for foods to eat and when to eat them. Click here for more
      • A detailed assessment of your current supplements, to include what you need, what you don't need, when to take them (AM vs PM)
      • Answers to our questions and more...



              Workouts & Recovery


              • A plan of action, based on your goals, where you are currently, your body-type and your activities
              • Motivation, accountability and progress checks
              • Clarity on the "nice to haves" vs the "must haves" when it comes to exercise types
              • A routine to fit into your busy schedule.  
              • A plant to meet your goals
              • Click here for more... 



                    Purchase just one or multiple programs, based on your needs! 

                    Real Results From Real People

                    "Jody has been my personal health 'consultant' for 15 years.  More energy, more stamina, and greater health are all outcomes from working with Jody.  I was healthy, overall, but I was not yet 'optimized'."  Vicki Piccirilli. 

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